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What To Expect During ThoroughCare Training

October 21st, 2020 | 6 min. read



Content Team

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For most healthcare providers, purchasing a new care management software is a dramatic change for their practice.

Both clinical and non-clinical staff most likely have become accustomed to the traditional ways of managing patient health via paper charts or clunky EHRs.

Although good care management software is designed to be user-friendly, your staff will still need training on the platform to be able to maximize efficiency and value.

As part of our service, we offer personalized training on our software for every client.

We have received feedback from customers who have gone through this training and have continually adapted and improved it over time.

One comment we heard repeated was about expectations. Most people want to know what the training entails prior.

In this article, we’ll walk step-by-step through our training, letting you know what to expect, who should attend, and more importantly, what won’t be covered in the training.

How Long Does the Training Last?

Typically, each training lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, allowing plenty of time for any questions you may have throughout the training. 

When Does Training Happen?

Simply put, training happens on your schedule. We pride ourselves in tailoring our software and service to your busy schedule.

Some clients want the training the same day they sign with us, while others want it two months down the road. It’s entirely up to you when you would like to complete your software training.

If you’ve signed up for multiple modules, we recommend starting with the program that is most important to your practice.

Best Practice:

For clients with multiple modules, it’s strongly encouraged to space your training sessions out over multiple days.

We rarely do consecutive training sessions for clients to avoid overbearing them with too much information at once. The added benefit here is this allows you to work within the software and come back with any questions you might have.

Who Should Attend ThoroughCare Training?

Since training takes place via Zoom, many of your staff who wish to attend are able to.

We recommend inviting all clinicians who will be using the software to care for patients. This includes care managers and clinicians within your practice.

Providers, billers, and other administrative personnel who will use the software in some capacity are also encouraged to attend the training as well.

Why Providers Should Attend

As providers, you’ll want to know what your care managers are doing on a day-to-day basis and how their work fits into your workflows for the Medicare programs you manage.

Providers across many of the practices we work with have done this to increase efficiencies in their office and make sure their entire care team is in alignment.

It’s also important for providers to be engaged in these programs to improve patient care. Part of that engagement includes encouraging support for the program internally among staff and externally among patients.

Why Billers and Administrative Personnel Should Attend

For billers, having an understanding of how claims work in our software will make your job a lot easier.

During the training, billers will learn what a claim will look like, when/how a claim is created, and what to bill for.

What If Some Staff Can’t Make It?

Don’t worry if certain staff can’t make a training session or you have new staff who need to be trained at a later date. All training sessions are recorded for future reference and we offer additional training as needed.

Additional Training For Admin Users

ThoroughCare features specific functionality solely for admin users that other clinical users will not have access to.

For this reason, additional 30-minute training sessions can be scheduled at a later date for those users so that they can have exclusive training on admin functions.

During the admin training, the following topics will be covered:

  • User creation
  • Daily reports
  • Creating flags
  • Audit trails
  • Mass time logging
  • Care plan reports

Keep in mind that each of these topics is covered extensively in our help articles, so some users may not want/require additional training.

Training For Service Provider Customers

For our customers who are 3rd party customers managing patients on behalf of healthcare practices, we offer a "train the trainer" course for you or one of your colleagues.

This course is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to train care managers and physicians in the future.

Since you'll be managing various programs on behalf of your customers, your own care managers/clinical staff will be doing the bulk of the work.

If you expect your customer’s care managers/clinical staff to log into the software at some point, we recommend either inviting them to this training session or having a separate, brief training session with them too.

What Gets Covered During Training?

The training is intended to provide a holistic overview of our software solution.

We’ll take you through a common workflow of how most customers use the solution. It’s important to note that workflows may vary between customers, but in general, there are similar foundational usages.

Our trainer will take you through the complete process from start to finish to manage your patient population within ThoroughCare. Each of the following topics will be covered accordingly:

  • Create patients
  • Patient enrollment
  • Worklist overview
  • Care plan/assessment creation and automation
  • Care plan updates
  • Time logging
  • Call scheduling
  • Creating exportable reports and summaries
  • Billing and claims creation and reporting
  • RPM device pairing (if applicable)
  • Alerts and notifications (if applicable)

What Won’t Be Covered During Training?

To maximize the value of the training and keep the focus on using the software, our training will not include clinical training on Medicare programs.

Based on the user experience from hundreds of training sessions, our clients were most satisfied when they left the training having a thorough understanding of how to use the software solution.

Although we will cover some basic rules and requirements of Medicare programs, you are expected to know the requirements of these programs before using ThoroughCare.

For those that are interested in more in-depth clinical knowledge, our Learning Center gets regularly updated with knowledgeable content.

Continued Learning and Support After Training

After you finish your training, you may still have questions that pop up as you explore the software further.

ThoroughCare has multiple methods of assistance for just this case.

Help Articles

We have an extensive set of help articles that answer the most common technical questions users have when using our software.

These articles are continually updated based on feedback from our clients.

Learning Center

For those who would like to better understand the clinical content and go in-depth with all of the programs we support, our Learning Center is a great resource.

You’ll even find tips, best practices, and other useful information to maximize the value of ThoroughCare software and improve the quality of your programs regardless of which software you’re using to manage the programs.

Articles are added weekly for ongoing learning opportunities.

Customer Support

For users whose questions cannot be answered via either of those methods, ThoroughCare offers top-notch customer support.

On ThoroughCare’s software or on our website, you’ll be able to reach out to our customer support team on every page. Typing a question immediately connects you with a customer support representative.

Intercom is the platform we use for these chats, with our response time being less than 5 minutes during regular business hours.

In addition to chats, users will receive push notifications and emails about the latest updates to the software.

Check In Call and Q&A Sessions

We offer check in calls and Q&A sessions to our clients after the initial training.

These sessions serve as a way to brush up on items that you’re still having difficulty with and answer any new questions you may have since using our software solution. We'll also help establish best practices in your organizations and make sure we've done everything to help you succeed.


ThoroughCare routinely holds webinars that are available to all of our clients and are usually promoted via email and social media.

These webinars may cover a range of topics. Topics include any new features, tools, or updates made to our software, current events or news that impacts Medicare programs, regulatory changes, and more.