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Chronic Care Management Software

Help patients identify and achieve chronic care goals

ThoroughCare is an end-to-end solution for Chronic Care Management.

Streamline patient enrollment and engagement, develop comprehensive, personalized care plans, and track and report billable services.

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A comprehensive platform
to optimize care delivery

Manage chronic conditions with SMART goals, care plans, evidence-based risk assessments, and patient data.   

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Create personalized, measurable goals to monitor progress and track patient success

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Use Healthwise to educate patients with accessible, evidence-based content

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Track and report services, time logs and CPT codes for a simplified record of care.

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Clinical workflows designed
to empower patients


See how ThoroughCare simplifies
Chronic Care Management

Request a demo to speak with us and learn more about:

  • Starting and scaling care management programs
  • Facilitating end-to-end program enrollment, delivery and billing
  • Automating CPT code assignment for accurate reimbursement 

Receive a software demo and ROI assessment that's tailored to your care objectives. Speak with our team about using ThoroughCare.


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Manage all CCM program patients

Customizable columns and filters can sort patients by their care manager/physician, patient status, billable CCM time, call status, customizable flags, conditions, and risk level.

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Plan and care for social determinants of health

Care plans can capture detail on conditions and their related barriers. Guided assessments collect patients’ SDOH to ensure care is comprehensive.

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Prioritize and track clinical tasks

Assign patient care tasks to clinical team members. Clinicians can use task lists for greater clinical efficiency. Management can monitor care performance.

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Text to engage and notify patients

Care managers can have secure conversations with their patients, should they opt-in to texting. All messages are delivered according to HIPAA compliance standards. 

Messages can be shared and read between the patient's entire assigned care team. Patients only need one conversation thread to inform and get feedback from all relevant care team members.


Educate with evidence-based health information content

With Healthwise, email patients evidence-based articles and videos to educate them about their conditions. Track engagement with the material to conduct personalized follow-up.

  • Symptom triage: Assess patients to provide evidence-based care
  • Multi-language: Content available in 17 languages
  • Care collections: Group content focused on organizational initiatives or delivery needs
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Simplify billing with automated CPT coding

Automatically assign Chronic Care Management CPT codes, including 99490, 99439, 99487, 99489, 99491, 99437 and G0511. Document a complete audit trail of patient services.

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MetaPhy Health uses ThoroughCare to enhance chronic care delivery

Since 2017, ThoroughCare has helped MetaPhy Health optimize care delivery for patients with multiple chronic conditions. 

Learn how MetaPhy Health uses our care coordination platform. 

Watch a Case Study

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Inform care decisions
with patient and provider data

Data interoperability for an inclusive patient picture

Bi-directional interoperability captures data from EHRs, HIEs, remote monitoring devices, advance care directives, and a mobile app to inform personalized care decisions.

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Visualize and interpret data with ThoroughCare Analytics

Track and report performance with data aggregated from across clinical sites. Analytics can help inform decision makers with operational, financial and patient-related metrics. 

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Learn more about Chronic Care Management