Behavioral Health Integration Software

Our solution simplifies Behavioral Health Integration, making it easy to manage behavioral conditions and provide holistic care

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Assessments to determine patient need - blue

Quickly and Accurately Determine a Patient’s Needs

Easy-to-use and clinically validated assessments to identify behavioral health conditions. ThoroughCare provides assessments for:

  • PHQ-9 (for Depression)
  • GAD-7 (for Anxiety)
  • CAGE (for Alcohol)
  • DAST-10 (for Substance Abuse)
  • MDQ (for Mood Disorders)
Assessments to determine patient need - blue

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Easily Create and Update Behavioral Health Care Plans

Our guided interview helps you build a comprehensive plan to manage the patient’s behavioral health conditions based upon recommendations from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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Effortlessly Track Tasks and Log BHI Time

Allows your team to log non-face-to-face (BHI time) in real-time, making it easy by having a list of over 40 of the most common tasks and a complete audit trail of the time spent with the patient throughout the month.

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Accurately Bill and Submit Claims

Our billing and claims worklist provides a checklist to your billers to properly bill for BHI using CPT code 99484. Once patients become billable, ThoroughCare gives your biller everything needed to accurately submit claims, helping protect you from audits.

BHI Billing interface - Blue

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