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Insights on care coordination and value-based care.

Chronic Care Management | CPT codes

By: ThoroughCare
February 27th, 2023

Chronic Care Management (CCM) can be an effective way to embrace value-based care, so it’s important to understand the program's rules and regulations, as well as the different series of CCM codes your practice can bill for.

Chronic Care Management | CPT codes

By: ThoroughCare
February 1st, 2023

As a medical care provider, understanding billing codes can help your practice project revenues and optimize your staff’s capacity. 

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Chronic Care Management | RHCs / FQHCs | Annual Wellness Visit | Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) | Principal Care Management | CPT codes | CMS Final Rule | Behavioral Health Integration | Chronic Pain Management (CPM)

By: ThoroughCare
January 18th, 2023

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced key reimbursement rates, additional CPT codes, two program expansions, and an entirely new care management program, effective January 1, 2023.

Chronic Care Management

By: ThoroughCare
October 19th, 2022

Chronic Care Management (CCM) can be difficult to provide without a care coordination software solution. And with a range of price points, it can be challenging to understand how much you should pay for a quality tool.

Chronic Care Management | Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) | Value-Based Care

By: ThoroughCare
September 7th, 2022

Value-based care requires providers to meet specific quality performance metrics. Failure to do so can negatively impact financial reimbursements and disappoint patient expectations. But even with these penalties, some organizations struggle to adopt this approach to primary care, as the course to do so isn't always straightforward.

Chronic Care Management | Patient Engagement

By: ThoroughCare
August 3rd, 2022

According to the National Academy of Medicine, consistent patient engagement can influence improved outcomes and reduce costs for chronic disease management. However, this participation “remains limited.”  

Chronic Care Management | Care Coordination

By: ThoroughCare
June 1st, 2022

Without software, Chronic Care Management (CCM) — or any other care management service —  will be difficult to deliver to your patients. Your practice or organization will need to leverage a digital care coordination solution to implement your program. 

Chronic Care Management | Value-Based Care

By: ThoroughCare
April 13th, 2022

Implementing value-based care can help providers improve patient health and reduce care costs, but it has introduced new, overwhelming challenges to physician practices. 

Chronic Care Management

By: ThoroughCare
February 21st, 2022

In this video, we look at the return on investment (ROI) when your practice offers a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program for one year.