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With ThoroughCare, forward-thinking care providers are simplifying Medicare’s most complex reimbursements, streamlining value-based care, and strengthening high-value home health.

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Our solution is built for healthcare.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, clinicians, and technologists with decades of experience in healthcare software. We help organizations thrive as they keep their patients healthy.

Our clinician-friendly care coordination software solutions support personalized health experiences, enable integrated, coordinated care, and help identify the next best actions at critical moments.

We help physician groups, at-risk provider organizations, and home health agencies embrace value-based care. 

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Comprehensive software designed for clinicians.

Our care coordination solution has helped nearly 600 clinics and physician practices overcome healthcare challenges through intuitive software solutions for streamlined patient care.

“Our experience with ThoroughCare has been wonderful. They provide superior customer service. Since starting a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program through their platform, we have made many positive impacts. We have increased our quality measure scores and reduced hospital readmits, resulting in a decrease in overall spending. Our providers are much more engaged with their patients' care teams.”

ThoroughCare can help improve efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Sixty percent of surveyed clients say ThoroughCare's comprehensive care coordination software “makes our practice more efficient” and “improves patient engagement and satisfaction.”

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