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Managed Care Pharmacy

Help physicians engage patients and capture value

Use comprehensive care coordination software to simplify patient engagement.

ThoroughCare simplifies reimburseable care management programs that target chronic conditions. We support patient centered care with interactive digital tools.

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Use software to partner with physician practices for Chronic Care Management

Pharmacies use ThoroughCare
to support comprehensive patient care planning


Our platform puts care management into action


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See how ThoroughCare simplifies
care coordination for pharmacies

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  • Starting and scaling care management services with physician practices
  • Using ThoroughCare for end-to-end program enrollment, delivery and billing
  • Assessing potential revenues from a collaborative chronic care model

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What is managed care pharmacy?

Coordinated care programs that deliver quality and affordability

According to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, this practice leverages clinical evidence to enhance population health outcomes while optimizing limited resources.  

In this model, pharmacists help deliver coordinated care programs, expand wellness access and promote value-based care.




Why should pharmacies and physicians
collaborate for disease management?

To improve outcomes
and recover revenue

Primary care shortages, value-based contracting and increasing chronic illness call for pharmacists to have an expanded role. 

Through partnerships, providers can deliver Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring to help improve outcomes and recover revenue.

How do pharmacies
create managed care partnerships?

Understanding provider agreements is the first step

There are specific requirements to form pharmacist/physician partnerships. Meeting these ensures both parties are organized and in agreement with the terms of their collaboration.

What services can pharmacies
deliver with physician supervision?

Identify and prevent health risks
with Annual Wellness Visits

Pharmacies can help physicians simplify Medicare's Annual Wellness Visit, creating new value for provider groups and pharmacists alike. 

Annual Wellness Visits help physician practices develop patient care plans, create prevention schedules and deliver value-based care. 

MetaPhy Health uses ThoroughCare to enhance chronic care delivery

Since 2017, ThoroughCare has helped MetaPhy Health optimize care delivery for patients with multiple chronic conditions. 

Learn how MetaPhy Health uses our care coordination platform. 

Watch a Case Study

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Access and share health data to streamline coordinated care

Bi-directional data interoperability captures information from EHRs, HIEs, remote monitoring devices, advance care directives and a mobile app to inform personalized care decisions.

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Our integration partners include:

Honor My Decisions, Veradigm, athenahealth, Azalea Health, Epic, Tenovi, BodyTrace, DrChrono, Validic, SmartMeter and Elation.

Visualize, interpret and act with healthcare analytics

ThoroughCare Analytics can inform care and improve performance with data aggregated from across clinical sites and practices.

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