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Care Management Service Providers

Comprehensive solutions
for care management
service providers

ThoroughCare enables care management organizations to:

  • Manage patients on behalf of multiple physician practices
  • Visualize data, streamline reporting, and ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Monitor and improve care team productivity with site-by-site notifications

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care management services for your clients




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Client Satisfaction

"ThoroughCare has helped us grow. We started our company in 2019 with one employee and one patient. We now have 15 employees and provide Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services to 5,000+ patients. ThoroughCare helped make this possible."
"ThoroughCare Analytics has given us invaluable insight into our own internal program and processes. We are now able to make data-driven decisions in order to much more quickly resolve issues, improve processes, refocus resources, and make any necessary modifications. Having access to Analytics has allowed us to better measure, monitor, and manage all aspects of our program, and in turn, provide a higher level of service to our practices."
"ThoroughCare makes life much easier. Their team provides immediate attention to us if we have a question or problem. Even if it is not a question related to their service, they try to find us an answer to keep business operating as usual. Our patients are in great hands when they are backed by ThoroughCare!"

Personalize patient engagement
across care management programs


Match solutions to patient and physician needs

ThoroughCare supports multiple preventive health programs.

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Care management

Mitigate chronic conditions and support behavioral health with patient-centered care planning.

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Remote monitoring

Capture, track, and analyze patient vitals with connectivity to multiple remote devices. 

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Wellness assessments

Provide risk assessments and streamline advance directives with simplified wellness visits. 

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Transitions of care

Track hospital discharges and proactively engage patients with notifications and alerts.

Leverage data interoperability for comprehensive information capture

Bi-directional interoperability captures data from EHRs, HIEs, remote monitoring devices, advance care directives, and a mobile app to inform personalized care decisions.

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Our integration partners include:

Honor My Decisions, Health Gorilla, Veradigm, athenahealth, Azalea Health, Tenovi, BodyTrace, and Elation.

Analyze and act on data

ThoroughCare Analytics can inform care and improve performance with data aggregated from across clinical sites and practices.

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