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ThoroughCare simplifies Medicare reimbursements while helping you deliver the highest quality patient care.

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It's never been easier to manage Medicare's most complex preventive programs.

ThoroughCare gives your practice the right tools to effectively manage Medicare's profitable reimbursement programs.

Chronic Care Management

This popular program is for monthly non-face-to-face tasks, many of which you do today. Our CCM solution automates the consent, Care plan, reports and logging.

Annual Wellness Visits

These Medicare wellness visits are offered free of charge to your patients each year. Unfortunately, many providers skip this because they are too confusing... until now (with ThoroughCare)

Behavioral Health Integration

Similar to CCM, this program allows you to create care plans and manage monthly progress. Conditions include: Alcohol abuse, Substance Abuse, Depression, Anxiety and Mood Disorders.

Transitional Care Management

Managing your patients immediately after a discharge is critical. Medicare now reimburses you for these tasks, assuming you complete everything in the required time. ThoroughCare makes this easy.

Care Coordination

Our patient-centered care plan is ideal for managing a population. Identify your risky patients, while ensuring all are engaged. Great for alternative payment models like CPC+ and shared savings.

Wellness and Prevention

Medicare places a significant emphasis on preventive care. From AWVs to screening and counseling services, there are many opportunities for you to promote to your patients.

Our experience with ThoroughCare has been absolutely wonderful. They provide superior customer service. Since starting the Chronic Care Management program through their platform, we have made many positive impacts. We have increased our quality measure scores and reduced hospital readmits, resulting in a decrease in overall spend. Our providers are much more engaged with their patients care team.

Sabrina Martin, Director of Provider Network Management - National ACO

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About ThoroughCare

We're a healthcare software company with the goal of providing simple and intuitive solutions to providers.

Founded in 2013, our software is used in over 550 practices across the United States.  We work with groups as small as a 1-doc practice and as large as ACOs and health systems.

Our team of healthcare entrepreneurs, clinicians and developers are passionate about building software solutions that are both Clinician Friendly and Easy to use.

Several years ago, our practices loved our patient-centered-care-plan and wanted to use it for Chronic Care Management (CCM).  Our CCM solution was a big hit, especially with smaller practices.  Since then, we released solutions for Annual Wellness Visits, Behavioral Health and Transitional Care Management.  These are all profitable programs that are difficult to do without the right tools.  That's where we can help.

We build easy-to-use software solutions so you don't miss out on programs that are both profitable and good for your patients.

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Our Core Values

Operate with Integrity

Honesty and dependability are key to our operations. We listen for feedback, deliver on promises and seek open and transparent communication with our customers.

Simplicity is the Key to Success

Technology should make your life easier, not harder. We strive to make life easier for our customers with every product or feature we introduce.

Make the World Healthy

Healthy patients are happy patients. Everything we do is driven by our passion to improve the quality of life for every person we can.