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Chronic Care Management (CCM)

A software solution for chronic disease management.

Increase revenue and improve patient health outcomes with seamless workflows and intuitive features that simplify Chronic Care Management (CCM). 

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One platform for all your patients.

Engage all of your CCM patients with a single digital tool. Create custom patient-centered care plans, track billable time, and coordinate care services between caregivers, physicians, and patients.

ThoroughCare's comprehensive software solution streamlines CCM to enable efficiency and lower clinical costs. 

More than 600 clinics and physician practices use ThoroughCare to provide value-based care.

"ThoroughCare has helped us grow. We started our company in 2019 with one employee and one patient. We now have 15 employees and provide Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services to 5,000+ patients. ThoroughCare helped make this possible."
“Since starting a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program through ThoroughCare's platform, we have made many positive impacts. We have increased our quality measure scores and reduced hospital readmits, resulting in a decrease in overall spending. Our providers are much more engaged with their patients' care teams.”

Customizable snapshots of your patient population.

Customizable columns and filters can sort patients by their care manager/physician, patient status, billable CCM time, call status, customizable flags, conditions, and risk level.

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Easily create and update care plans.

With clinical content based on recommendations from the American Academy of Family Physicians, our guided-interview walks care managers through a patient-centered care plan, providing the most common questions and answers to effectively identify, manage, and treat every patient’s chronic conditions.

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Tracks tasks and billable time.

Log non-face-to-face CCM time as it happens. A list of 70 of the most common care coordination tasks, including a complete audit trail of the time spent with the patient, ensures your billing and claims are accurate and efficient.

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Inform patients and providers.

Quickly create and share a variety of reports with patients and providers. Reports provide a summary of the care provided to the patient each month, including logged time/audit trails, keeping you compliant with Medicare's rules and regulations.

Care Plan Report Summary-1

Fast and accurate billing.

Automatically assign chronic care CPT codes and conditions to claims based upon the amount of time spent with a patient.

Once your patients are billable, ThoroughCare's CCM software solution provides a checklist to ensure all claims are submitted accurately, protecting you in case of an audit.

Billing and Claims 1