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Remote Patient Monitoring

A Guide to Medicare's
Remote Patient Monitoring

Enhance patient engagement, personalize treatments through data, support chronic disease management, and drive revenue.

At ThoroughCare, we've helped healthcare organizations implement and scale successful remote monitoring programs through software. 

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Remote Patient Monitoring's rules and requirements are set by Medicare

RPM Rules - General Info Graphic-1

Remote Patient Monitoring can support
data-driven care decisions

Remote Patient Monitoring supports multiple CPT codes

RPM programs involve CPT billing codes that reflect varying rates for ongoing service, device use, and device configuration. 

The national average reimbursement starts at $48.80 for 20 minutes of service per patient per month. 

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Providers must meet specific expectations
for Remote Patient Monitoring by:

RPM expectations-1

Remote monitoring devices
can target specific conditions

Patients can use specific devices to track vitals relevant to their chronic conditions. Readings can include blood pressure and glucose, weight, and heart rate. Devices must be HIPAA and FDA compliant. 

Patients take RPM devices home at no cost while providers are reimbursed for set-up and data service.

ThoroughCare streamlines
Remote Patient Monitoring

Our software platform is intuitive and designed for RPM’s rules and requirements. ThoroughCare can help:

  • Facilitate patient consent and enrollment
  • Integrate with RPM devices to capture data
  • Visualize data with analytics for actionable insight
  • Create and maintain goal-driven care plans
  • Simplify claim submission and documentation requirements

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