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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

A software solution for remote patient vitals.

Effective Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) with simple devices, extensive data collection, and streamlined clinical workflows. 

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One platform for remote vitals.

Engage all of your RPM patients with a single digital tool. You can utilize real-time vital collection and apply analytics to identify health trends. ThoroughCare's comprehensive software solution integrates with more than 400 remote monitoring devices.

It also supports custom patient-centered care plans, tracks billable time, and can help coordinate care services between caregivers, physicians, and patients.

More than 600 clinics and physician practices use ThoroughCare to provide value-based care.

Seamless RPM device integration.

Quickly onboard your patients with simple registration of RPM devices.

Available for lease or purchase, devices provided by ThoroughCare are pre-configured and don't require internet access or a smartphone.

In addition, we connect with more than 400 other RPM devices through our partner, Validic. Patients can pair their device with their smartphone and register it with the manufacturer. Once registered, they can authorize ThoroughCare to have access to their device data.

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Identify health trends with data.

Visualize patient health data in real-time with analytics. View multiple measurements across user-defined timeframes to identify emerging patterns. Use insights to inform care decisions to help improve health outcomes.  



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Proactively track specific vitals.

Track an extensive list of clinical data, including vital signs, blood glucose levels, heart rate, sleep-related information, and more.

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Deliver custom alerts and notifications.

Configure target ranges for all data types to closely monitor patients. Notify patients and clinicians through multiple communication channels (text, email, desktop notification) when patient readings fall outside of their physician's clinically-recommended range.

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MetaPhy Health enhances care for patients with chronic conditions

Since 2017, ThoroughCare has helped MetaPhy Health optimize care delivery for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

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Fast and accurate billing.

Automatically assign Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) CPT codes and conditions to claims based upon the amount of time spent with a patient.

Once your patients are billable, ThoroughCare's RPM software solution provides a checklist to ensure all claims are submitted accurately, protecting you in case of an audit.

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