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Chronic Disease Management Programs

A Case Study with MetaPhy Health

MetaPhy Health uses ThoroughCare to engage, educate and motivate patients living with mutiple chronic conditions.

In 2017, MetaPhy Health set out to help GI practices manage disease

Rick Jacques, MetaPhy Health’s CEO, estimates that a third of the population has some stage of fatty liver disease, for instance.

Patients with this condition, and other chronic gastroenterological (GI) issues, need continuous care to mitigate additional health risks. 

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To do this, MetaPhy Health focused on 3 key objectives for care management delivery

MetaPhy Health then selected ThoroughCare
for digital chronic disease management

Our platform helped implement and scale Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring for more than 20,000 patients. ThoroughCare Analytics, a data informatics tool, tracked key performance metrics to inform management and care decision-makers. 


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Today, MetaPhy Health collaborates with
20,000 patients across 42 GI practices

 “What we most often hear from patients is that the program allows them to be educated on things that their physicians may not have time to cover. They are provided a nurse, and they really appreciate that dedicated support and resource. That can provide an extra layer of care in between office visits.” 

MetaPhy Health uses ThoroughCare to coordinate, document and report

ThoroughCare is the company's central source for:

  • Consistent care management documentation
  • Extensive reporting of clinical outcomes
  • Seamless coordination of preventive care services

Lisa Harris, Vice President of Program Operations, says these benefits help inform stakeholders of how different programs are succeeding, or help them identify risks and respond to challenges.

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MetaPhy Health leverages evidence-based clinical expertise

MetaPhy Health's care coordinators use ThoroughCare's guided assessments, clinical content and simplified workflow to make the most of patient interactions.  

“The clinical offering within the software is just as important as reporting," Chris Oubre, President and Chief Operating Office, says.

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Data informs MetaPhy Health's approach to improved care quality

MetaPhy Health uses ThoroughCare Analytics to track key metrics, visualize data and report care quality and performance. 

“We drive our decision-making based on ThoroughCare," Todd Shafer, Senior Vice President of Operations and Administration, says. 

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ThoroughCare gives MetaPhy Health
clear insight into operations and performance

MetaPhy Health uses ThoroughCare Analytics to identify and address performance issues, and to track and report financial metrics. Using analytics, MetaPhy Health can monitor the progress of its own business, as well as that of practice clients.

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Chronic disease management promotes value-based care

"It's the direction value-based care will go," Todd Shafer, Senior Vice President of Operations and Administration, says of using programs like Chronic Care Management.

He sees ThoroughCare as key to helping patients achieve health goals and improving care quality. MetaPhy Health has used our platform to deliver care management programs that advance value-based care objectives.

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