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Insights on care coordination and value-based care.

Patient Engagement | Care Management

By: ThoroughCare
February 27th, 2024

Increased economic pressures squeeze health plans, and providers seek relief from burnout and revenue loss while wanting to improve outcomes. Both parties are looking for ways to achieve cost reductions, enhance quality, and better the healthcare experience.

Advance Care Planning | Patient Engagement

By: ThoroughCare
February 6th, 2024

Advance Care Planning (ACP) adoption has been slow because clinicians don’t have ample time or are uncomfortable with the topic; patients tend to associate ACP with end-of-life.

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ThoroughCare FAQ | Patient Engagement

By: ThoroughCare
January 30th, 2024

Physicians and clinical teams face a catch-22. They can’t gain patient participation and adherence without increasing health and disease education. Yet, they don’t have the time to engage patients deeply.

Care Management Software | Patient Engagement

By: ThoroughCare
December 12th, 2023

Medicare’s care management programs, such as Principle Care Management (PCM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), all rely on monthly patient engagement, typically conducted via phone or virtual care.

Value-Based Care | Patient Engagement

By: ThoroughCare
November 7th, 2023

Patient assessments are used in various settings by different medical professionals. They can be part of a proactive process (e.g., during an Annual Wellness Visit) or when some symptoms or signals indicate further assessment is necessary.

Chronic Care Management | Patient Engagement

By: ThoroughCare
October 31st, 2023

In a previous article, we looked at foundational ways that provider organizations can close care gaps: cyclical consistency, workflow integration, and alignment with care priorities.

Chronic Care Management | Patient Engagement

By: Kathryn Anderton, BSN, RN, BC-RN, CCM
September 12th, 2023

Engaging patients has become more of a focal point for healthcare. Motivated people tend to believe in their ability to improve or maintain their quality of life.