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ThoroughCare FAQ | Care Management

ThoroughCare’s 120-Day Playbook: Launching Your Care Management Program

February 6th, 2024 | 6 min. read



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ThoroughCare offers more than a software platform for care delivery. 

User organizations also receive access to unique clinical support services that enable successful care management programs. This includes tailored training and a comprehensive onboarding process to help launch and scale care coordination services. 

While working with ThoroughCare, clients can leverage our 120-Day Playbook, a complete guide to starting and growing a new care management program. This resource provides step-by-step support for all the necessary elements key to success.  

De-risking care management start-up

ThoroughCare offers guidance through its Clinical Services Team, as well as a comprehensive 120-Day Playbook to help organizations launch care management programs. 

Starting care management can require new processes or additional resources, and not all software platforms are built the same. It’s important to find a digital solution that supports your organization’s growth. 

ThoroughCare offers technical guidance based on clinically driven, evidence-based principles, which has been used to help many other organizations succeed in care management. This can help ensure you’re positioned to make the most of our platform.   

Clinical support equips users to build competency and confidence

Onboarding is about feeling supported as you build trust with our team and foster competency with the platform. Our main objective is for you to experience how much more streamlined  your work with patients can be once you’re using ThoroughCare.

Our four-pronged approach can help you create or grow any care management program and achieve your organization’s goals.

Comprehensive Onboarding: We give you the tools and resources you need to succeed in care management programs, including a four-month progressive curriculum.

Tailored Training: Short, action-driven training supports seamless implementation as you build familiarity with the care management program(s) and platform.

Dedicated Support: In addition to our Clinical Support Team that answers questions and provides personalized guidance, we supply clinical samples you can implement quickly — workflows, documentation, scripts, and tips to assist clinicians and decision-makers.  

Performance Metrics: From the beginning, we help develop best practices for performance reporting for program assessment. Then, we help you optimize analytics, complete quality checks, and evaluate program effectiveness.

Four months to mastery: ThoroughCare’s 120-Day Playbook

ThoroughCare’s 120-Day Playbook provides a guided, progressive monthly action plan that ensures users build the right skills and knowledge base. 

Alongside ad-hoc help from our Clinical Support Team and your personal Client Success Manager, we’ve built an online interface that provides month-by-month education, checklists, and samples.

Short videos, demonstrations, and an automated educational workflow allow you to move as fast as you want or take additional time where needed. 

Month 1: Covers the foundational elements of care management delivery, including platform training, program rules and regulations, setting up the appropriate team, suggested workflows and templates, partner contract samples, and guidance on identifying the right patient population to enroll.

Month 2: Focuses on advancing patient engagement via motivational interviewing tactics and quality audit preparation. We offer motivational interviewing techniques outlined in educational videos, as well as steps to conduct quality checks, identify areas for improvement, and ensure compliance with program guidelines.

Month 3: Details a 12-step guide to expanding your provider network and patient engagement through partnering. We also provide a list of common conditions with our suggested outline of care, including:

  • Contents of a clinical assessment
  • Recommended gaps in care
  • Recommended numbers to track
  • Recommended care plan, including goals and interventions 

Month 4: Highlights best practices to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of your patient population via program data collected through ThoroughCare. Analytics will guide informed decisions to optimize resource allocation and ensure that the program positively impacts the health and well-being of its target population. 

Meeting the needs of different healthcare organizations

In addition to providing a personalized journey toward ThoroughCare mastery, we go beyond software adoption to help clients maximize the value of the software for their unique scenario and use cases.

Here are the five most common types of organizations we work with, highlighting novel ways ThoroughCare meets care management and patient engagement requirements.

Care Management Service Providers

Also known as care management provider companies or chronic care management companies, these organizations support physicians and health systems by bridging the gap between healthcare providers and patients with chronic conditions.

MetaPhy Health is one example that supports practices treating patients with chronic gastroenterological (GI) issues who require continuous care to mitigate additional risks.

Like many care management service providers, MetaPhy Health uses ThoroughCare to support a consistent, standards-based approach to patient engagement. Plus, our platform offers high-quality, reliable analytics and reporting data to demonstrate the value of MetaPhy Health’s services to its clients.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Value-based care models, like ACOs, utilize ThoroughCare to manage many higher-risk patients with various chronic conditions. 

They want the ability to manage and engage patient populations regularly and consistently and personalize interventions to lower symptom exacerbation and the risk of high-cost care. 

Bridges Health Partners uses ThoroughCare to manage patient populations uniformly across the organization, utilizing evidence-based guidelines and standardized tools as a foundation for success. 


Pharmacists are relatively new providers engaging in care management. 

They typically partner with primary care, specialty practices, or area health systems to carry out all or some aspects of care management programs. 

They are usually outside the provider’s EHR system, so they rely on ThoroughCare to not only manage patient engagement, goal-setting, and action planning but also to provide clear, relevant updates and reporting to their provider partners.

Individual and group physician practices

Physician practices see the value in care management yet struggle to implement programs when working with limited resources. They use ThoroughCare as their operational foundation, simplifying the process to drive Medicare reimbursement. 

Using our platform’s evidence-based assessments and workflows, as well as reporting tools to document billable service time, physician practices can streamline program administration. This also allows physician practices to start tracking and reporting key performance metrics to participate in value-based care models

Health plans

Payors play a unique role in care management because they can act as a connector among patients, providers, and health plans. 

They typically want ThoroughCare as a tool that can be used internally for outbound care management engagement with patients but also as a way to collaborate with external providers around distinct patient populations.

Robust reporting and analytics capabilities provide payors with critical program information, enabling them to work more closely with provider networks.

ThoroughCare is your technology partner for care management

Our commitment is to make your job easier and more impactful through care management services. We’re transparent about what it takes to succeed.

We walk alongside you and your team through set-up, integration, onboarding, and training to ensure that you achieve three goals:

  1. Your care team is equipped to carry out care management program activities and start engaging patients.
  2. Your care management program has accurate information to document and bill for services.
  3. Your care managers know how to use ThoroughCare to enter, manage, and engage patients through a standardized workflow.

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