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Medicare | Chronic Care Management

Medicare's 2022 Deductible: 3 Tips for Chronic Care Management Enrollment

January 5th, 2022 | 3 min. read

Daniel Godla

Daniel Godla

Founder and CEO of ThoroughCare

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Right now is a fitting time to promote preventive care programs. New Years' resolutions of improved health and the prominence of winter-time illness make it so.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) or an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) are two good options. 

For instance, an AWV is an excellent way to conduct a holistic assessment of your patients, while planning future care goals. It is totally free to those covered by Medicare Part B, and it is not subject to Medicare's standard deductible.

CCM is a bit different. 

It is a reliable way to regularly engage your patients while providing guidance to manage complicated chronic conditions. But while Medicare Part B typically covers 80 percent of the $62 cost for patients who participate, CCM is subject to Medicare's annual deductible

And with the 2022 Medicare deductible at $233, new or existing enrollees will likely owe some amount as they begin the program and the new year. Without proper communication of this fact, enrolled patients may be surprised by an unexpected charge

They may even cancel their participation over it, wondering if they'll owe this amount every month. They expected a different experience.

To help you avoid this or any confusion, we suggest the following tips to navigate Medicare's deductible and promote sustained enrollment in CCM.

These will help you proactively engage patients, improve their experience, and strengthen your program's participation rate.  

3 Tips for Addressing Medicare's Deductible

If your patients express interest in CCM, but they're worried about Medicare's annual deductible, it's best to be proactive and directly address those you serve.

Explain How Medicare's Deductible Works

All patients cover the first $233 of their medical services for the year

CCM just may happen to be one of their first services of 2022.  And if they weren't enrolled in the program, the deductible would be applied to another service. 

They would pay it one way or another.

It's key that your patients understand, broadly, how a deductible works. 

Hold Initial Claims for CCM

Some physician groups hold January's CCM claims instead of immediately submitting them

Your patients can then receive other services that will meet the deductible, allowing CCM to be a covered benefit, as they would expect. 

While this could mean additional work for your staff, it is a courtesy that will improve your patient's experience. And they will appreciate that. 

Advocate for CCM

If your patient is surprised by a deductible charge and wants to cancel their CCM enrollment because of it, advocate for the program. Reiterate its benefits.

A charge of $62 is a small price to pay for a dedicated care team, comprehensive care plan, and continuous services to help manage complex chronic conditions.

And because it counts towards their deductible, other services may now have little to no cost.  In a short period of time, your patient's only charge for CCM may be a small copay.  

Most often, secondary insurance is likely to cover this.

Care Coordination Software Simplifies CCM

To deliver and document CCM services, you’ll want a system in place to manage your program.

A practical resource, such as care coordination software, will keep key details from being lost or overlooked. This will promote efficiency for you and your staff and help patients succeed. 

Care coordination software can streamline the creation of patient care plans, support staff workflows, and simplify billing.

ThoroughCare’s software solution offers these exact features. 

With a clinician’s eye, we’ve designed an intuitive platform that untangles the entire CCM process, so you and your patients can capitalize on it

Our care coordination software enables you to offer a whole suite of wellness services that pair well with CCM, such as Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) or Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

So, watch a free CCM software demonstration, and see exactly how care coordination software can work for your practice.

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