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Care Coordination | Care Management

Care Management Solutions for Service Providers

May 29th, 2024 | 2 min. read



Content Team

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Care management services can play a vital role in helping to improve health outcomes, reduce readmissions, and foster greater patient satisfaction with their providers.

With chronic conditions affecting millions, care management for these chronic patients requires meticulous coordination - from medication adherence and lifestyle adjustments to continuous monitoring. The complexity can be overwhelming for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Comprehensive solutions for care management

Traditional fee-for-service programs can be utilized to achieve higher quality health outcomes and value-based care objectives, including Chronic Care Management, Principal Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Behavioral Health Integration, Transitional Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits, and Advance Care Planning.

Care management organizations need to manage patients on behalf of multiple physician practices, visualize data, streamline reporting, and ensure HIPAA compliance.

ThoroughCare offers service providers the simplicity and support needed to help physicians and their patients excel in this complex journey. With critical functions integrated into one seamless platform, ThoroughCare supports:

  • Tailored care plans to personalize patient engagement
  • Condition specific assessments to drive individualized touch points
  • Patient monitoring that match solutions to patient and physician needs

Automated notifications, streamlined appointment scheduling, telehealth capabilities, secure two-way texting, and EHR integration allow patients and staff members to connect to transform the way care is managed.

ThoroughCare also supports data analytics to track and report performance from across clinical sites. Data can inform decision-makers to enhance care delivery and maximize revenue, while providing a higher level of service to managed practices.

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