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Starting a principal care management program

Principal Care Management

Enhance care access with proactive care coordination. Improve patient engagement, personalize treatments, and drive revenue.

At ThoroughCare, we've helped healthcare organizations implement and scale successful principal care programs through software. 

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Principal Care Management's rules and requirements are set by Medicare

PCM rules-Aug-17-2023-06-34-50-0803-PM

Principal Care Management can empower patients with improved quality and access

Prinicipal Care Management
supports multiple CPT codes

PCM programs revolve around CPT billing codes that reflect varying rates for complex services, rural health clinics, and physician time. 

The national average reimbursement starts at $61.34 for 30 minutes of service per patient per month. 

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Providers must meet specific expectations
for Principal Care Management by:

PCM expectations-1

ThoroughCare streamlines
Principal Care Management

Our software platform is intuitive and designed to navigate PCM’s rules and requirements. ThoroughCare can help providers:

  • Facilitate patient consent and enrollment
  • Manage the entire PCM function
  • Create and maintain goal-driven care plans
  • Simplify claim submission and documentation requirements
  • Integrate with leading EHRs for holistic patient records

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