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ThoroughCare FAQ

How ThoroughCare Helps Care Management Service Providers Oversee Multiple Care Sites

February 20th, 2024 | 3 min. read



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Medicare permits healthcare organizations to subcontract care management services. 

This creates opportunities for care management service providers, who typically administer such programs on behalf of physicians or specialist groups.  

For care management service providers to adequately support their clients, they require an integrated digital platform to streamline care delivery. This allows service providers to do two things – scale their businesses and provide excellent service to each care site.

MetaPhy Health, for example, relies on ThoroughCare for how it engages patients, enables clinical workflow, and informs strategic decision-making. The company, a service provider of Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring, works with 42 physician groups. 

To serve more than 20,000 patients, MetaPhy Health uses ThoroughCare’s group functionality features to seamlessly manage all care sites with global oversight.

Care Management Service Provider Case Study: MetaPhy Health 

In a case study video, MetaPhy Health’s President and COO, Chris Oubre, said ThoroughCare benefits the company in three main areas:

Clinical: Rigorous clinical knowledge integrated into workflow.

Operational: Standardized to enhance patient engagement and scale to growth. 

Financial: Analytics dashboards provide insight into care quality and performance, as well as direct reimbursement claims. 

ThoroughCare makes comprehensive and site-oriented management possible

A care management service provider typically works with clinicians to conduct patient outreach. 

These care managers engage patients on their provider-client’s behalf, logging time and notes and updating various care plans and assessments.

ThoroughCare’s group functionality features are critical to the service provider’s ability to support multiple sites and patient populations. The software enables operations across the entire healthcare organization, as well as individual care sites or office locations.

Holistic and focused

In ThoroughCare, each care site has its own HIPAA-compliant instance and population of enrolled patients. However, it is possible for care managers and administrators to interact with their client’s data across all sites of care. 

This can improve overall efficiency, especially for care managers working within multiple care sites. This also connects decision-makers to comprehensive patient and operational data, supporting quality improvement.  

Evidence-based yet customizable

ThoroughCare is built on evidence-based standards using clinical best practices. These are the foundation of all workflow and user interfaces within the software. However, each user, care manager, or care site has the flexibility to tailor their instance to their needs.

For example, users can arrange dashboard columns in their preferred order, automate alerts based on their preferred range of acceptable metrics, and tailor filters based on their most-used criteria across one or all care sites. 

Protects health information and complies with HIPAA 

ThoroughCare provides a new instance for each care site or provider group. 

Administrators can control access for care managers, clinicians, and others when each instance is created. This ensures that patient information is clearly siloed and that each user’s access is limited based on their involvement with that location.

Global and site-specific analytics for performance, quality, and strategic decision-making

Service provider managers, client administrators, and physician leaders can aggregate patient data across all sites or examine data for one or more sites in depth.

Sophisticated analytics inform dashboards and reports, which users can filter for a host of criteria. Analytics are invaluable for investigating potential gaps in care, assessing patient engagement over time, evaluating care manager success, and investigating claims. 

ThoroughCare equips care management service providers

ThoroughCare is prevalidated for population health management by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). This speaks to our platform’s ability to integrate data meaningfully. This helps care delivery organizations:

  • Analyze data to evaluate population health
  • Stratify population information
  • Support the implementation of a care management system

Our group functionality is a key part of NCQA’s prevalidation. It enables care management service organizations to provide outstanding care management and care coordination across multiple physician groups at scale.

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