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Healthcare Analytics Software

Visualize data to support intelligent decisions and workflow efficiency.

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Insights drive care.

Organize and filter your patients’ and organization’s data to inform effective care and streamline operations. Interactive reports, visualization tools, and real-time analysis help you turn insight into action.

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A solution designed for clinicians.

Our care coordination solution has helped more than 600 clinics and physician practices overcome challenges through intuitive software solutions for streamlined patient care.

"ThoroughCare Analytics has given us invaluable insight into our own internal program and processes. We are now able to make data-driven decisions in order to much more quickly resolve issues, improve processes, refocus resources, and make any necessary modifications. Having access to Analytics has allowed us to better measure, monitor, and manage all aspects of our program, and in turn, provide a higher level of service to our practices."

Understand your patients’ needs.

Interpret patient data to see health trends in real-time. Set clinical priorities and inform care decisions based on data intelligence. 

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Improve your organization’s efficiency.

Close workflow gaps through data interpretation. Reduce costs and create more value for your patients.

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Improve financial reimbursements.

Coordinate value-based care programs with data-driven insights and improve quality performance metrics.

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Questions we’re often asked.

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Learn more about value-based care.

Apart from software, we’re here to offer you thought leadership, so you’re prepared to make the transition to value-based care.

Learn more about how you can use ThoroughCare.

Get a sense of how ThoroughCare works, as well as what solutions make the most sense for you. Specific software features support analytics.

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