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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Profitable new programs for providers to monitor patients between visits

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

As a provider, you strive to provide quality patient care.  Unfortunately, monitoring your patients and their conditions between appointments can be challenging.  Until now...

CMS has expanded its Remote Patient Monitoring program to further support a healthcare provider's ability to track and monitor patient conditions through the transmission of clinical data.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is one of the highest paying Medicare care coordination programs.  Providers can make up to $119 per patient / per month by managing their patients in this program.

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Using an Integrated Device for RPM

An integrated device can share its data with 3rd party software like ThoroughCare.  Integrated devices range from wearable technologies (e.g. Fitbit) to in home monitors (e.g. tech-enabled scaled, blood pressure cuffs, etc.).  In most cases, the devices require an internet connection in the patients home or a combination of wireless or cellular technologies, while in others it can require a combination of Bluetooth and mobile device applications.

How Does a Patient Obtain an Integrated Device? 

Some patients and/or their clinicians may choose to purchase devices from preferred suppliers, or utilize devices that they already own.  ThoroughCare can connect its platform to over 350 different devices from multiple vendors.

Other patients/clinicians may require support for this process, and we are here to assist! ThoroughCare works with several devices partners in offering full service kits for patients.  The devices are state-of-the-art and can be shipped directly to your patients.  They include built-in wireless/cellular connections, allowing patients to use them directly out of the box

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Expand Patient Engagement Through Remote Device Integration


ThoroughCare's Remote Monitoring features include:

  • Registration of patient devices, with support for integration with over 350 remote monitoring devices
  • Tracking of multiple types of clinical data, from vital signs to blood glucose levels to workout details to sleep-related information
  • Visualization of clinical readings from within the patient care plans, including the ability to view multiple measurements across user-defined timeframes to help clinicians identify patterns in their patient's data
  • Configuration of target ranges (normal, caution, critical) for all data types, along with the ability to notify patients and clinicians through multiple communication channels (text, email, desktop notification) when patient readings fall outside of their physician's clinically-recommended range
  • Time management and billing capabilities to support adherence to the CMS RPM service requirements

“Using ThoroughCare's RPM, we received an alert on a patient with an extremely high BP reading (202/115). We immediately called the patient and after a few questions sent her to the ER. When patient arrived at the ER it was 222/117. She was treated and stabilized and went home later that night. We checked in on the patient the next morning and arranged a cardiology follow-up. The doctor is thrilled! He states this is a win for this program and feels that this helped save this patient's life. Even the patient has called us everyday since then to say Thank you!”

Tiffany Reeves CCMA, CCM
Chronic Care Services Manager at Care Coach

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Buy or Lease Devices With Support From ThoroughCare

Through partnerships with certified device manufacturers, we can secure devices in large quantities and pass the savings on to you.  Our devices are available for LEASE or PURCHASE.

The devices contain built-in cellular connections, allowing for transmission of readings over a cellular network.  The patient doesn't need a separate internet connection or smart phone integration; they simply power on the device and take the reading, and the information will automatically transmit to the clinical team for review.

We currently offer access to the following devices:

  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Weight Scale
  • Blood Glucose Monitor

RPM Program Reimbursements

99454 - Pays $65 per month

For supplying the device that the patient will use to transmit numbers on a daily basis

99457 - Pays $54 per month
For spending 20 minutes per month tracking/monitoring patient readings and taking any necessary action that results from the information received


99458 - Pays $22 per month

For spending 20 additional minutes per month monitoring the data, reviewing the numbers / alerts and taking any necessary action.

99453 - Pays $21 per month
Initial setup and education of RPM device.

Average RPM Reimbursement: $119 per patient per month

Most ThoroughCare RPM practices make an average reimbursement of $119 per patient per month.  Supplying devices to 100 patients could result in revenue of almost $12,000 per month and $144,000 per year

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