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Care Coordination Built Around Patient-Centered Care Plans

Regardless of which Medicare programs you participate in, the one commonality is a patient-centered care plan.  We believe the care plan should be consist of goals that are important to both the patient, care team and provider.

Keeping the patient motivated and engaged is critical.  Each month, the care team should focus on finding areas of improvement.

If this is done correctly, the patient should experience improved health outcomes while the organization sees improved quality scores.  It's truly a win-win scenario.


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Managing Risk:

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOS)
For these groups, managing the overall risk of your population is critical to achieving shared savings. Your care team should be able to prioritize care based on patient risk.

CPC+ and other Advanced Payment Models
For practices participating in these programs, you're paid in advance to manage an attributed list of patents at various risk levels. It's crucial to manage and document the care coordination that these patients receive on a monthly basis.


MACRA and CareQuality Improvement

Performing Care Coordination activities leads to improved care quality.  
Read some real-life examples in our white paper  on "MACRA and Care Quality Improvement"