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Patti Russ, CNP

Since September of 2016, I have had the role of ThoroughCare's Clinical Director. Having worked in a variety of clinical settings for several (uncounted) years, I've been able to use the practical experience gained and my education as an Adult Nurse Practitioner to write the medical content for our software. I am also engaging patients on a monthly basis for the CCM Program, which helps the company recognize and act upon changes needed in a timely manner. Living in Cleveland for 50+ years with my husband of 42 years, and attending THE Ohio State University has been a trial when working with the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh staff, but it builds character....

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Chronic Care Management

Tips for engaging your patients during the holidays!

By: Patti Russ, CNP
December 17th, 2018

Happy December! I can’t believe we are almost into 2019. What happened to 2018?

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