Software solutions for Assessments and Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management Assessment

Chronic Care Management (CMS)

ThoroughCare’s Chronic Care Management software simplifies the cumbersome tasks of managing CPT 99490 – Chronic Care Management Program (from Medicare and CMS)  Our Guided-interview software makes the perfect Patient-Centered Plan of Care assessment.   With Monthly updates, time-logging and reporting included in our solution, managing CCM in your practice will no longer be a hassle.  Find out why practices are counting on ThoroughCare to simplify their CCM program.

Patient Health Assessments

ThoroughCare’s Guided-interview technology (patent-pending) turns a lengthy healthcare assessment into an interview which patients and care managers enjoy completing.  Similar to Turbo-Tax but for healthcare, ThoroughCare only shows questions that are totally relevant to the patient while guiding them through the entire assessment.  Find out how ThoroughCare can simplify your assessments.

Chronic Care Assessments

Health Care Assessments

Access Health Spartanburg

We have chosen ThoroughCare to provide a new technical solution for administering our assessments. The software they have created helps to better engage patients and allows our program to be more efficient. We are pleased to partner with ThoroughCare as we seek to implement positive and systemic health system change for uninsured and under-insured patients in South Carolina.Carey Rothschild, Director, Access Health Spartanburg