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Engaging Patients Through Secure Texting

May 13th, 2024 | 2 min. read



Content Team

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Directly engaging patients through mobile phones enables patients to text their care team directly with any questions or concerns.

Text to engage and notify patients

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Care managers can have secure conversations with their patients, should they opt-in to texting.

Messages can be shared and read between the patient's entire assigned care team. Patients only need one conversation thread to inform and get feedback from all relevant care team members.

Through text messaging, communication with healthcare providers can happen from anywhere, at any time. This can lead to more frequent and timely outreach, allowing patients to address concerns, or ask questions, without needing to schedule appointments, or make phone calls.

Collaborating and hearing from patients are key ways to ensure care management delivers on its promises. Without ongoing relationships, shared goals, and greater transparency, patients may struggle to see or experience the value in continuous preventive services.

Secure Texting can help to increase patient engagement, facilitate continuity of care, provide a safe platform for sharing sensitive information, and give patients the ability to easily reach their care team members. 

Secure Texting - Design - drop shadow

By using new tools, and putting patient engagement into focus, providers can enable program re-enrollments and improve long-term outcomes. 

ThoroughCare supports secure text messaging, allowing care teams to directly engage patients through their mobile phone. All messages are delivered according to HIPAA compliance standards. Patients can reach their care manager through a simple text message, and receive updates regarding their care. 

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