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Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)

A software solution for annual wellness assessments.

Efficiently provide AWVs to Medicare patients while maximizing reimbursement. 

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Efficient, accurate assessments.

Simplify the AWV process with an intuitive checklist that guides clinical staff through the required steps for each wellness visit. Maximize health risk assessments to identify care interventions and goals. Pinpoint preventive health opportunities to increase revenue.

Annual Wellness Assessment Software

Nearly 600 clinics and physician practices work with ThoroughCare to provide value-based care.

Health risk assessments simplified.

With clinical content based on recommendations from the American Academy of Family Physicians, our streamlined health risk assessment provides common questions and answers to effectively target specific health conditions. Clinical staff can rely on automated workflows.

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Improve care with risk analysis.

Logic automatically analyzes patient risk factors and provides clinical advice to proactively manage their health and wellness.


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Identify revenue opportunities with important preventative services.

Build and share a 10-year personalized prevention plan of service complete with a schedule of the most common tests, vaccinations, and screenings recommended for Americans over the age of 65.

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Anticipate patient health needs with automatic health screeners.

Built-in logic automatically scores for alcoholism, smoking, depression, and behavioral health with CAGE, PACK, PHQ-2, and GAD-2 screeners, providing patient recommendations.

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Advanced care planning tools that support additional services.

Document common end-of-life discussions with your patients, including living wills, durable power of attorney, organ and tissue donation, and more. Capture reimbursement from CPT code 99497.

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Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)

See why nearly 600 clinics and physician practices utilize ThoroughCare.

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