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South Carolina Rural Health

Visit ThoroughCare at Table #28

We're bringing our comprehensive care coordination solution to South Carolina's 25th Annual Rural Health Conference. Founder and CEO Dan Godla will present about integrating Chronic Care Management (CCM) into rural health practices.

ThoroughCare will be in Greenville, South Carolina on October 18-20.

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Exhibiting October 18-20.

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Explore our care coordination solution for patient engagement, care management, and clinical efficiency.

We'll offer product demonstrations and insights to the rural health community. You'll find ThoroughCare at table #28 on the conference floor.

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Hear our CEO and Founder, Dan Godla, address CCM Integration.

On October 19th at 4 p.m., ThoroughCare CEO and Founder Dan Godla will present a breakout session about integrating Chronic Care Management (CCM) with other rural health services. This talk will help providers further understand CCM's role in preventive care. 

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