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Pharmacy-driven Care Coordination

Learn how pharmacies can provide chronic care.

With care management programs, pharmacies can drive new revenue and help physicians transition to value-based care.

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Engage patients and drive revenue.

Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring programs help patients receive personalized guidance for chronic conditions, help providers track and improve health outcomes, and help pharmacies recover revenue in a changing business landscape.

Physician-owned, pharmacist-led

Pharmacists can deliver chronic care under the supervision of a qualified provider, like a primary care physician or specialist.

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Remote monitoring expands access

Extend care beyond the clinic with intuitive digital devices that enable continuous vital tracking and analysis.

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Chronic care supports growing revenue

Engage patients with proactive chronic disease management. Review CPT codes and software solutions.

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Remote vitals complement chronic care

Monitor patient vitals for data-driven care decisions. Review CPT codes and software solutions.

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Understanding the process.

There are specific requirements to form pharmacist/physician partnerships. Meeting these ensures both parties are organized and in agreement with the terms of their collaboration.

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